(writings to lost souls and broken hearts)

If you ever feel lost, know I feel lost too.

Maybe I write this for myself. To encourage me. ’cause I don’t know if I will make it. But I try to survive every day. I will re-read this over and over until I start to believe that one day, things will get better. ’cause they will.

My name is Stray. I am suffering from depression and anxiety. I write songs and letters, just to keep on going. They let me exhale and breathe again. Maybe these words or music won’t reach anyone. But still, if anyone is out there, who feels low like I do at this very moment, I hope you won’t give up. Life is fucking hard at this very moment. And no one will ever get what we are going through. I won’t get you either. We all have a different story. But YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Well, let’s see where this will lead to…